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  • Offers fast and seamless trading capabilities with minimal market delays
  • Provides access to various investment products and services, including stocks, REITs, ETFs, warrants, CBBCs, options, and mutual funds
Safe And Reliable
Your financial security is our top priority
  • Licensed Broker Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
  • Open a trading account within 3 minutes via
  • Stay secure with our 2FA protection
  • Our clients assets stay protected through strong capital strength, a generation-leading technical team, and automated risk management measures
*Applicable to Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long-Term Pass Holders only
Data Security
  • Minimize trading disruptions with our multi-cloud architecture
  • Uses encryption algorithms and data life cycle security protection system combined with user data security levels and thorough data backup and recovery
  • Our fully self-developed system has obtained ISO27001 and ISO27701 information security management system certification, providing comprehensive protection for account and privacy security
Data Visualization
Our 'Overview' function allows for a quick understanding of an enterprise's fundamentals, including corporate value, positioning, and market opportunities.
Data is transformed into actionable insights to help you make informed decisions.
Social Live Trading
Improve your trading skills by joining our social live trading community.
Connect with other traders and engage in discussions about real-time price movements to identify potential trading opportunities.
Industry Chain
Our industry chain insights enable you to quickly identify potential stocks and investment opportunities in the upstream and downstream sections of the industrial chain.
This feature also allows you to trace the entire industry chain for a competitive edge.
Discover hidden opportunities by identifying key suppliers and competitors in the supply chain.
Multiple Trading Platforms
Elevate your trading experience with our extensive platform selection, complete with multi-dimensional tools at your fingertips
Adam Smith Awards ASIA 2023
Best Foreign Exchange Solution
The Asset Triple A Awards 2023
Best New Economy Solution Payments and Collections (Singapore)
The Asset Triple A Awards 2023
Best Cloud Based Project (Hong Kong)
HKET Excellence Awards 2023
Excellence in Fintech Securities Firm
Innovative Information Service Provider of the Year 2019
HK01 x 巨子 ICON
2021 Innovative Investment App for Hong Kong and U.S. Stocks
2022 Social-driven Technology Brokerage
High-Quality Enterprise
2021 Hong Kong Fintech Week
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