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- Trade up to 32,000 counters

- Offer fast and seamless trading capabilities with minimal market delays

- Professional order types to assist your trading journey

Key Indicators Tracking Company Operations

- Learn professional research models, understand the key paradoxes of company operations, and discover investment possibilities or risks in advance

- Collect key operating indicators and display them in simple and clear charts to help investors track operating data and understand trends

Margin Trading
To acquire more buying power from borrowing money from Longbridge for more profit, but also, at the same time, will take more risks.
Advantages & Risks
Increased purchasing capacity beyond your available cash
Competitive financing ratio
Unlock additional purchasing capacity with your existing stocks as collateral
Risks you need to know about margin trading
· Involves taking on higher risks for higher returns
· Accumulation of financing charges has the potential to diminish your profits and escalate the overall cost involved
· Potential liquidation risk during times of volatile market fluctuations