Corporate Services

Select based on your Business Model
Introducing Broker
Aim for licensed brokerages that primarily target outsourced trading and settlement services
Institutional and Professional Investor Account
Provide multi-account solutions for institutional or high-net-worth investors
Longbridge Advantages
A comprehensive solution that offers coverage for all business and products, such as trading, clearing & settlement, reporting, and billing
Cost-effective system integration. Supports flexible pricing options (e.g. fixed & tiered rates) and revenue-sharing arrangements
Connects to global major markets (HK, US, SG & China), supporting multi asset classes (Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Options, Funds, etc.), as well as OTC markets
Supports more advanced account structures, like master and sub-accounts, multi-tiered risk management, and asset concentration
Multiple Trading Platforms Making Investment Accessible such as desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Open API & FIX, mobile devices (iOS, Android) and web pages
Comprehensive Order Trading Capabilities supports all order types, such as inhouse conditional orders and algorithmic orders
Risk management is thorough, precise, and efficient for various stages of transactions, allowing for clear understanding of real-time asset risk monitoring & management status
Manage assets and funds with a unified account book, updated with real time cashflow changes across multiple terminals
Supports multi-currency accounts with real-time conversion, settlement, various deposit and withdrawal methods including PAYNOW, eDDA, telegraphic transfer, online banking transfer, etc
WTT (Whale Trade Terminal) is professional trading front-office software specifically designed for dealers and brokers with a wide range of advance trading functions like conditional orders and attached orders
Ultra Low Pricing In The Industry
Support charging methods such as fixed rate and tiered rate
Brokerage business cooperation supports flexible revenue sharing scheme
Low system docking cost
Next Generation Technology
Our strong capital strength, generation-leading technical team, and automated risk management measures are designed to protect Longbridge and our client assets
Cloud-Native Architecture
Industry pioneering
Real Time
Calculate comprehensive buying power, update account assets and real-time account risk alerts
The industry's first cloud-native architecture improves the disaster recovery capabilities of the trading system and ensures the efficiency and stability of the system
A pioneering in-house system that boosts transaction speed as fast as 10 ms, with an average of 18 ms
The industry leading system is able to handle up to 20,000 transactions per second
Cloud-based high throughput and high reliability
Highly scalability and expandability, 7×24 hours global multi-market trading and clearing capabilities
Support Open API and FIX
Multiple access solutions to flexibly support your programmatic transaction needs
Real-time quotes for global markets such as HK, US, SG, A-share, etc.
Supports a wide range of transactions, including stocks, options, bonds, funds, etc. for fast order placement
WTT (Whale Trade Terminal) Professional Desktop Terminal
Whale Trade Terminal is a tool for professional traders and brokers that allows for customization of the interface and layout to match the user's preferred workflow, including the ability to set unique shortcut keys.
Provides functionality for monitoring clients' transactions and orders
Professional market trading tools, covering advanced quotes and order types in all markets
Flexible and customisable user interface with Windows / macOS multi-terminal support
Real-time margin call, supporting transaction allocation, supplementary orders and account adjustment front-end transaction processing